Taking Connecting Flights From Phoenix to Mumbai

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Mumbai, situated in the Maharashtra state, is the commercial, financial and entertainment capital of India. Owing to all these factors, it receives a huge influx of people from within the country and from outside. Since it is also a hub of international trade, many global firms have established their business here and keep coming on a regular basis. As a result, the metropolis also receives a large number of business travellers from around the globe. People, who want to come here from the state of Arizona in the USA, may take connecting flights from Phoenix to Mumbai. The distance from Phoenix to Mumbai is 8802.91 miles. The travel time from Phoenix to Mumbai is 17.61 hours. The Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona has services to many cities around the country from where connecting flights to the above-mentioned Indian metropolis is also available. Among the most important US cities from where carriers ferry passengers to and from Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, are New York City, New Jersey, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Various domestic carriers such as Delta and United Airlines operate regular flights between these metropolises, especially New York and Newark. Another carrier that offers this service is American Airlines, which was established in 1930 after a number of small carriers in the nation were merged into one big company. After its merger with US Airways, another major airlines in the US, it became the largest such organisation in the world with more than 6000 daily flights and a fleet of considerably more than 500 aircraft. Due to this merger, American Airlines flight ticket booking saw a significant boom and as per reports, it now flies the most passengers in a year across the region. The firm, with its hubs in New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas or Fort Worth, Miami and Chicago, offers Economy, Business and First classes. These classes further have the options of being with or without restrictions as well as full service options.

AAdvantage, its frequent flier program, offers its customers, Standard, Gold, Executive Platinum and Platinum membership. A specific number of miles need to be travelled with it to get them and once these memberships are achieved, customers get many benefits. It is as member of the OneWorld alliance and has codeshare agreements with other members of the same alliance and some, outside of it.

Layover Time

From other American destinations, fliers need to take a combination of flights to reach India. A factor that becomes important while choosing such a combination of air services is the layover time. This term refers to the time for which travellers have to wait at an airport before the connecting flight takes off. If this period is short, people may easily wait at the terminal itself, exploring the complex and restaurants and other shops, if available on the site.

However, if the layover time is long, say more than 12 hours, people may book a flight and hotel in the same deal. Nowadays, such a service is being provided by numerous travel agencies and online portals. Due to the ever-growing popularity of this provision, hotels have started coming up near the airfields themselves, thus saving people time, in commuting between the two places.


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