Tasty Food Recipes For Diabetics

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It is a common misconception that if you suffer from diabetes that you have to live on a diet of fruit and vegetables. Of course diabetics must be careful with the food that they eat; however there are a great many tasty food recipes for diabetics out there!

A Tasty chicken dinner

Marinade some skinless chicken breasts in an Italian dressing in your fridge for around 8 to10 hours. When you are ready to start cooking you cover them in mixed herbs, bread crumbs and some Parmesan cheese. Place in your oven and back for around 35 minutes and 350 degrees. Make sure your chicken is cooked all the way through and serve with a fresh side salad or steamed vegetables.

Spanish Egg Roll Lunch

This is one of the simple food recipes for diabetics that are available. Scramble some eggs as you usually would, however add in some diced peppers and onion. Once these are scrambled you add some grated cheese to the top and spoon into a tortilla wrap. Roll up and you have a funky, tasty, healthy lunch that the whole family can enjoy.

If you look online there are hundreds for resources containing food recipes for diabetics. Just because you are diagnosed with this condition does not mean that your diet has to become bland or boring. In fact you can feed your family in the same way that you would yourself because the food is just healthy alternatives to the foods that we all know and love.


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