Temporary (and Easy) Jobs For College Students

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If you are a college student who is chronically broke then this article is for you.


Because I’m going to show you a couple ways for you to make money with temporarily jobs while you’re in college. Not just any boring jobs ought, I’m going to show you 3 type of jobs that are always hiring and easy to get.

For girls: you should always work in the restaurant as a waitress. But a fun job is when you work in a bar at night time delivering drinks.

You know, the “drink girl”. Which is pretty cool because you get tip so much by drunk people.

And then there is always telemarketing jobs … where you sit and talk. Telemarketing jobs are kind of boring but they always hiring.

It is okay for short-term work. Expect to be hired same day if you work in a telemarketing firm.

Not all phone calling jobs are telemarketing. There are some jobs where you just asked questions over the telephone aka telephone surveys. And it’s a pretty relaxing and easy job.

But the best job is when your work and home and make money on the Internet. It is not that hard.

It’s free, simple and easy to get started If you start off with affiliate marketing. How?

All you need to do is sign up for an affiliate program and start promoting it by writing articles or making videos.

I have a video at YouTube that promotes an affiliate program and its making me around $50 a month … for many months to come. (Did I mention that it took me 10 minutes to create the video?). Imagine putting up 5 or 10 of these videos.


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