The Best of Portland, Maine

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Portland is considered by many people as s classic old coast town on the east. This is a city filled with a lot of boutiques and shops, great galleries and heartwarming restaurants. When talking about the cuisines, their restaurants offer all the traditional New England and Nouveau cuisines.

Portland can be accessed by sea or land. One of the nice attractions of this place is the Maine’s oldest lighthouse. This is where the headlight of Portland is located. This headlight was first lighted in the year 1791 and is found in the Fort Williams Park. There is also an on site museum that visitors can visit while they are here.

Portland’s Historic waterfront district is known as the Old Port. This port has been a place for lots of warehouse districts. This has been connected with the waterfront. This Old Port has it all, from the shopping places, dining places and the entertainment that visitors are looking for, they have it all here. Even big businesses abound.

There is waters edge in the Commercial Street that shows a window of the working waterfront. The cobblestone streets can give a quaint charm to the Old Port’s district. The specialty of the restaurants in Maine is the famous lobster dishes together with the nouveau cuisine that they serve. They also have many boutiques, shopping areas, stores and other trades for retail. The Portland Maine also offers a vibrant kind of nightlife. There are bars, dining places, night shows and other forms of entertainment to spend a good night.

The air in the surroundings and the atmosphere itself has the trademark of Portland Maine. It is also the Northern New England’s banking capital. This has been a home to lots of businesses – major international firms especially the law firms, export and import companies and office buildings made of modern high rise structures.

Maine is one of the many working waterfronts of United States. It still stands strong until now. It is actually the largest tonnage seaport in the New England. It is also the second largest fishing port. In the east coast, it is considered the largest oil port. It is the biggest tonnage port in the foreign inbound transit of the whole United States.

Portland is the biggest Maine city in the whole world. It handles not just hundreds but thousands of international passers.

One of the favorite hotels that visitors can visit in Maine is the Eastland Park Hotel. It is located in the center of the downtown of Portland, and is within the arts and shopping district of the place. They are surrounded by great restaurants, quaint galleries, upscale shops and museums. The very famous museum in here is the Portland Museum of Art. This hotel is very accessible to the Congress Square and the financial district of Portland Maine.

They offer the latest and modern amenities and services. Their rooms are all with a good view. They offer a romantic breakfast for two at their “157 Café and Bar.” Their cocktails can be brought at the Top of the East, their very own rooftop lounge. All their rooms are non smoking areas but they can provide a smoking room with an extra charge.

Since the Eastland Park hotel is a newly decorated hotel, they have sophisticated ambience to offer their visitors. For cuisines, they can satisfy the needs of their clients because they have mouth watering cuisines. There are also wine samplings done occasionally.


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