The New Property Hot Spot In Turkey-Mersin

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The province of Mersin is located in southern Turkey, and has approximately 1.8 million inhabitants. The town of Mersin itself has approximately 650,000 inhabitants and one of the largest ports in Turkey.

Major resorts in the Mersin Region are Adana, Mersin, Erdemli, Limonlu, Kumkuyu, Ayas and Kizkalesi. Mersin is still unknown to many European tourists and is a resort where many Turks come. This area is the only region of southern Turkey where as an overseas property buyer you can still build your right on the sea front. It is a lively and colourful place and makes for a relaxed holiday or to live here full time to enjoy the atmosphere and unhurried pace of life in Mersin with the advantage for those looking at Turkey Real estate likely to find it is considerably cheaper than in many other resorts, and in comparison to the holiday home area of Antalya where an apartment in Antalya itself can be almost double or more than the Mersin region.

In the region of Mersin one of the big plusses with holiday makers and overseas property buyers is that there is no fault line and is in the white zone which means not an earthquake zone location.

Although Mersin is a very relaxed place for living and enjoying holidays it is a city with modern infrastructure and many shops and places to enjoy modern life and establish business. The new promenade is one of the most attractive along the Turkish coastline and been over 12 kilometres in length Mersin has the longest promenade in Europe.

There are plenty of good restaurants and typical Turkish coffee houses, bars and nightclubs. A visit to the fish market is definitely recommended to stock up on the biggest array of fresh fish to enjoy the healthy Mediterranean diet. For excursion away for the area there are many ferry routes from the port which include a quick sail over to enjoy the island of Cyprus. Moving away from golden sandy beaches you then enter the beautiful natural surroundings of forests, mountains, waterfalls and rivers and the locally produced fruit trees such as orange, lemon and lush banana trees grow here. Mersin has a very rich and turbulent history.

Going back over 6,000 years before Christ, there are many signs and sights to see of the civilizations from eh area for anyone who enjoys history there is abundance here such as the Hittite Karatepe attraction. Karatepe was an important historical city after the fall of the Hittites in the late 12th century BC. Karatepe was the passage from eastern Anatolia to northern Syria. The ruins of the town walls of King Azitawadda in 1947 have again being exposed to see how things were back in time.

If it’s not history or sun worshiping then maybe the wildlife will appeal with the attraction of the Goksu Delta, a beautiful nature reserve which attracts birds from all over the colder parts of Europe and beyond as they migrate to stop off in the autumn on their way to the wintering areas in Africa.

You will also find several magnificent palaces, mausoleums, headstones and citadels in the area. The famous castle of Corykos is opposite that of Kizkalesi, on a tiny island 200 meters offshore. Previously, the two parts connected by a dike. The mausoleum of Fear Lesse (Mezgit Kalesi) dates from the Roman period. The largest Roman mausoleum in the region has an eight-meter high facade decorated with Corinthian columns.


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