The Sweet and Salty of Raw Food

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For the most part you will eventually use some type of natural sweeteners or salty flavoring for your raw food recipes. Using refined sugars are not beneficial to the body because it imbalances the body gives you an energy crash. Companies have been trying to manufacture sweeteners like saccharine and aspartame, which have reports of being taken off the market for being toxic or causing cancer, either way it doesn’t sound that great when there are tons of natural alternatives out there in the supermarket.

Most food in its raw state is flavorful without it but when you are trying to make a recipe with combined ingredients you will want to use either Celtic salt, Himalayan Salt (this is one of my favorites due to the great mineral content), or other flavored salts that they have on the market. You can also use a product called Braggs Liquid Amino Acids (which you can purchase in most health food stores) as a salt substitute. Braggs has many amino acids and enzymes that are necessary for your body to function properly and it is not fermented. You may also use a product that is called Nama Shoyu, which is a raw fermented soy sauce for flavoring many dishes.

As far as sweet goes one of my favorite sweeteners to use is Agave (cactus) Nectar. I use it in smoothies and in my green tea but there are many other ways to sweeten your raw food. You can use date sugar (or if you don’t have date sugar you may use just plain dates) which, is made of ground up dried dates and by using date sugar you have added fiber to your recipe. What a bonus! You can also use other dried fruits that are ground up in a food processor. You will just have to experiment to see what you like best. Raw honey is also another great choice. I have used this on occasion. Raw honey is honey that has not been heated during the extraction from the hive. By using raw honey you will also have the benefits of enzymes, B-Complex, and minerals. Another one of my favorites is maple syrup because it mixes well in liquids and has tons of minerals and a great flavor. Turbinado sugar is another good choice that is made from partially refined raw sugar which can be better if you want a smoother finish in a dessert or smoothie.

So all in all you won’t really miss refined sugar or table salt if you just follow the above choices for your now and future recipes. Plus you are adding more minerals, fiber, enzymes, and amino acids to your diet. So life can be sweeter and for you folks that like things a little salty try some new ways of flavoring your meals.


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