Tourist Attractions at Anjuna Beach, Goa

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The biggest attraction in Anjuna is the luxury to laze around the beach during the day and the parties and nights. The beach is towards the south of the village and can get crowded. Towards the northern side of the village is the flea market ground and towards the south is a rocky headland and thus it is better to swim towards the south end of the beach.

Anjuna is very famous for its flea markets, which takes place on Wednesday and lasts from morning till dawn. One can find anything from Kashmiri handicrafts, to Goan souvenirs, from clothes and jewellery to music cds. The Wednesday Flea market usually takes place on the main road that leads to the beach. This flea market attracts tourists from all over north Goa and can get very crowded, parking fee is charged outside the market on Wednesdays. One can bargain with the shop keepers in this market. The best part about this flea market is that if one wants to open a shop there then one can do so at the cost of approximately Rs 100.

The Saturday Night Bazaars are also equally popular in North Goa. There are several Saturday Night Bazaars organized in north Goa, the more popular of them being Ingos and Mackies Saturday Night Bazaar. These bazaars have many stores run by Goans, Indians from other states, Tibetans and some foreigners. They have many food stalls, with all kinds of street food. There are many stores selling authentic Goan, Chinese, Tibetan, Indian and fast food. Some of these bazaars also have live music performed by the local bands. There are also stalls selling beers in this bazaar.

Shore Bar, situated in the centre of the beach playing funky numbers is one of the major nightlife centres in Anjuna. The place closes around midnight and one can always hop to other places, which are open after midnight. Most nightclubs and bars in Anjuna play trance mixes. Anjuna also happens to be one of the major all night party places during the New Year’s Eve. In Vagator beach, The Aclove is a great nightclub to visit. Temptations and Red Cab Inns are also very good options. The best parties in Anjuna are however the full moon parties or the black moon parties that happen here occasionally. Paradiso is one of the most popular nightclubs in Goa and it is located in Anjuna. Nine Bar and Hilltop are some of the places where open-air parties are held, these two places are near Vagator. There are also a number of nightclubs and bars in and around Baga and Calangute and one can reach to any one of these places via taxis or hired motorbikes.

There are number of roadside stalls and beach stalls all over Anjuna selling all kind of stuffs. There are also a number of restaurants and cafes across Anjuna. The most popular among them being Curlie’s, which is a beach shack. It is located in close proximity to the flea market and is usually crowded with all types of tourist. Most of the restaurants, both beach shacks and the ones in the village are semi open air and simple restaurants, serving Goan and Western cuisine. Almost all the restaurants serve liquor and play good funky music in the background. Some restaurants have televisions and the Sea Queen restaurant in Anjuna also houses a big screen, which plays movies. Apart from these, there are many other restaurants specializing in different types of cuisine, such as the Basilico, which specializes in Italian food and Biryani Palace for Indian tandoori cuisine. For breakfast the German bakery is very good option. There is not much sight seeing to do in Anjuna but one can laze around the beaches and several restaurants and cafes, or simply stroll around the village take a peak at some of its beach stalls or charming book stores, such as the Manali Book Shop.


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