Travel Scenario in Bengaluru – Still Going Strong

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The downturn in the economy of Bengaluru does not seem to have affected the travel scenario in Bengaluru. Tourists are still coming to the City and the hotels are as full as before. However on can never be sure if the figures of this year were the same as the last or better or more importantly were the worse. Once sees tourists moving about and forms the opinion that the travel scenario is still robust. Moreover, it’s better to be optimistic rather than being pessimistic about something.

Growth Has its Advantages

There is an economic downturn; however Bengaluru still continues to be one of Asia’s fastest growing cities. The economy of the City is not just dependent on the IT sector but there are also other sectors propping it up like health, retail, entertainment, and tourism, etc amongst various others. Therefore, the administration does all it can to have an all inclusive growth and puts in place various offers and stratagems that see to it that all sectors show growth. The Karnataka Tourism Development Corporation has always promoted Bengaluru as a hot tourism destination. It not only advertises the historical monuments but also puts importance on the rapid growth of the City and how Bengaluru is a sublime confluence of the historical and the contemporary.

More options than You can Count

Bengaluru has a history that stretches far back into time. Therefore, tourists and travelers to the City can get their eyeful of the various historical monuments, palaces, and temples that abound in the City. On the other hand the cosmopolitan and metropolitan nature of Bengaluru means that there is a plethora of options when it comes to the contemporary attractions and it also a lively nightlife. Bengaluru could also be called the pubbing capital of India and one can have a great time pub-hopping. Moreover, you can also relax and have food at some of the swankiest restaurants in India or catch a movie at the plush and comfortable multiplexes that abound in Bengaluru.

New Developments Supporting Tourism

The development of the BIAL or the Bengaluru International Airport Limited has buoyed the tourism scenario by leaps and bounds. More and more tourists from India and abroad have been seen to make their way to partake of the sights and sounds of Bengaluru and Karnataka as a whole. Moreover, the connectivity in the City has improved and there are road development projects that are underway. The introduction of intra-city Volvo buses has also been a step towards the right direction with respect to the offering of support to tourism related activities.

All in all, the travel scenario in Bengaluru is seeing a robust growth and so, far there is no outward indication that the recent downturn in economy has resulted in a slowdown of the travel scenario in Bengaluru. People are still making their way to the City and the numbers are projected to increase through the year. The tourist season is expected to witness as much of travel as in the previous year and hence the travel sector is upbeat and continues to offer various schemes and offers to prospective travelers.


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