Waterfalls Around Bangalore, India

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Weekend getaways are best when amidst nature. Beaches, mountains, lush greenery and waterfalls are perfect accompaniments to unwind. Here’s an information on some breathtaking waterfalls in and around Bangalore.

With a narrow stream

Visit Pearl Valley for an exciting day out with family or friends. You can also trek across the hills around this narrow waterfall which is supposed to be the nearest at just about 44 kilometers from Bangalore. Food and stay options are also available at Pearl Valley resort and Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) restaurant there.

By a ravine

Mekedatu would be another choice for a day out. This leaping waterfall is at about 92 kilometers from Bangalore and originates from River Cauvery after flowing through Sangama, the place of confluence of this river and Arkavati. Reaching Mekedatu by crossing the Sangama by walk or in a coracle would make your trip more adventurous. It’s a favorite spot among trekkers and campers but could make for a day trip for families as there are no stay options available.

Misty twin waterfalls

Spending a day picnicking with family against the backdrop of twin waterfalls at Shivanasamudra in Mandya district would be another great way to relax. Located at about 130 kilometers from Bangalore, the twin falls named Bharachukki and Gaganachukki are a delight because of their high altitude. It’s another facet of the mighty Cauvery that makes this place endearingly beautiful. The misty aura around the falls is sure to make your day full of fun.

Within a coffee plantation

Tread further far to the scenic Abbey Falls about 270 kilometers from Bangalore to find how it quietly flows amidst a coffee estate in Kodagu (Coorg) district of Karnataka. It’s a must visit during weekends. Cuddled in the lap of lush green trees, it takes you by awe. The nearest stay option is available at Madikeri.

Gentle and beautiful

By the River Pykara, sit down and let your feet feel its gentle currents. Pykara Falls, originating from the River Pykara are located at about 250 kilometers from Bangalore. Spending a full day on the green pastures by the riverside at Pykara would be so alluring, especially when you can touch and feel the pristine water stumbling upon the stones. Nature is at its best form here.


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