Weight Loss Food Recipe

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The path to weight loss is not easy. This is a known fact. However, there are simple solutions to weight problems, which work much better than synthetic weight loss products that often have serious side effects. A weight loss food recipe is one answer to all your weight woes. Designed to make you eat less, a weight loss food recipe serves to jumpstart your weight loss regime and achieve that ideal body you have always wanted.

Cut down on calories

A weight loss food recipe varies, depending on who is promoting it. Nevertheless, a weight loss food recipe is designed to make you lose weight but cutting down on your caloric intake.

Below is a typical weight loss food recipe:

Chicken Burger with Salad


4 oz chicken breast

1 whole wheat hamburger bun

1 sliced tomato

1 small red onion sliced

2-3 leaves lettuce

1 tbsp ketchup

Cooking Method:

1. Broil chicken on both sides for 4-5 minutes each side.

2. Split the bun, lightly toast and top with cooked chicken, ketchup and salad.

Sounds delicious right? There are tons of recipes that provide healthy and fat free foods that are very low in calorie count. However, there are also recipes out there that sell the not-so tasty alternative.


Different recipes are available over the internet. These recipes vary. Others promote a strictly vegetarian diet, supposedly aiding in detoxifying your body and ridding it of fat at the same time. Others promote a juice diet, taking in different fruit juices plus 8+ glasses of water each day to ‘cleanse’ the body.


Hundreds of recipes are available and it is very important to know which ones are effective and which ones are fraudulent. The best way is to take a sample recipe obtained through the internet, take it to a doctor, and have it evaluated. That way, you can know whether that weight loss food recipe is okay for you to follow and whether it is safe.


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