Welcome to Princeton, New Jersey, One of America’s Best Places to Live

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With winter snows dissolved, springtime announces its arrival to Princeton, NJ, by an explosion of creamy-pink magnolia blossoms. Students in this thriving university town come out in droves this time of year, toting backpacks on bicycles or buses and heading off to one of their favorite hangouts. At PJ’s Pancake House, the aroma of warm, sweet maple syrup oozing down a stack of golden brown flapjacks will awaken the sleepiest of patrons. Another favorite evening spot is the Trump Brewery where ice cold, frothy ale awaits.

The town’s historical flavor whets the appetite as well. After all, General George Washington shouted orders to his troops here at the Battle of Princeton. Many buildings on campus resemble those from the Elizabethan era with their castle-like facades. Variegated ivy creeps silently but abundantly, engulfing its surroundings by season’s end, leaving only telltale signs of a structure’s existence. In the evening, spotlights illuminate Georgian-style Nassau Hall, showing off its numerous archways, towers, and cupolas, as well as the offices of the university’s president.

Historical buildings and sites are not limited to campus. Battlefield State Park takes visitors back to the time of the Revolutionary War, while Palmer Square, which was built downtown in 1937, houses colonial-style brick and stone buildings with trendy shops, restaurants, and galleries of contemporary art. Additional works of art can be found at Princeton’s Art Museum, as well as throughout campus. The works of Calder, Picasso, and others dot the campus and are a part of the John B. Putnam, Jr., Memorial Collection of contemporary sculpture.

For the sports enthusiast, golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, and playing fields are but a few of the amenities available for the active lifestyle. Those who prefer the great indoors can watch professional baseball and ice hockey being played at nearby Waterfront Park or Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton. The excellent recreational and cultural offerings only accentuate the educational and economic opportunities here. In this thriving town, where more than two-thirds of residents have college degrees, the average household income is in the top 10% of the country and the unemployment rate is significantly below the national average. It’s no surprise that Money magazine describes Princeton as one of the “100 best places to live in America.”


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