When Buying a House, How Much Square Footage Do You Need?

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Is there a magic number or calculation of how big it should be when you decide to buy a house? Should there be so much space per person? A minimum or maximum? And how do you come to a certain number? There are a lot of things to consider when deciding on what size house to buy.

With the downturn in the economy, huge homes are less common than they were a few years ago. The average square footage of a single-family home currently under construction is 2,343. While there is no magic number for how many square feet you need per person living in your home, there are several things to take into consideration when buying a house.

First, let’s look at your budget. Besides the aesthetic and convenience factors, larger homes cost more to maintain including higher mortgage payments, taxes and insurance, higher utility bills, more furniture costs, time and money to clean and make repairs. And there are also environmental factors to take into consideration when buying a home.

Also to consider when buying a home, if it is too small you may not have enough space for children to play or for you to entertain. Everyone needs enough personal space to promote family harmony. Not enough storage space can cause a home to be cluttered. Do you need space for visiting family during holidays? And do you plan to expand your family? What might your personal needs be as you age? You want to make sure your future needs are met as well.

And if you have special needs like a home office, considerations for a family member with disabilities, hobbies that take up space, pets who need to roam and exercise, large furniture like a piano or pool table, you need to take those into account.

Take a look at your current space. Are there areas you never use? Could you put your current spaces to better use? Are there features you would like to add? Make a list of the specific need for each space you would like to expand. Does your family have enough personal space per person to keep from getting in each other’s way? What are your priorities?

While there is no magic number, there may be an ideal size for you. Taking a little time to think about these factors will help you determine your needs when buying a house.


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