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Aruba is full of unique and charming neighborhoods, like many places around the world. Each place is known and loved for certain characteristics and quirks that make it different from the neighborhoods around it. If you have traveled to Aruba before (or if you are a newcomer to this beautiful Caribbean paradise) you might be wondering where the best place to buy a vacation home on Aruba would be. The answer? Owning a vacation home on Aruba, no matter where you are, is an extraordinary experience you won’t soon forget. You are located near history, wonderful restaurants and city centers, not to mention you are likely always nearby to the beach!

If you are thinking of purchasing a vacation home in Aruba here are a few things to know about the different parts of the island. Each part will interest certain people and not others, so visiting and shopping around to find the home and location that is right for you is very important.

If you are looking for a happening, ever-changing set of activities and people look for homes in the Eagle Beach area. There are many hotels and small resorts located here which means an ever revolving door of people and entertainment options that will keep you busy late into the night. Eagle Beach has been nominated as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, so although there might be a crowd you will always find a beautiful place to rest and relax by the sea.

For the peaceful nature lovers look for homes near Arikok National Park, located along the eastern interior of Aruba and the northeast coastline. The forests and hills of the interior provide a quiet and introspective atmosphere different than the beach-side attitude of the coast. The interior of Aruba provides lots of sun, hiking opportunities, and the chance to view Aruba’s stunning flora and fauna just outside your front door.

For the city lovers the capitol of Oranjestad is the place to be! Tree lined boulevards run through old Dutch style buildings, lending an air of history and class to the hustle and bustle of modern Aruba. Oranjestad is the place to be for a modern, hip group of people looking for professional opportunities as well as the chance to get to know the jet setting class of Aruba’s population. For modern apartments and modest vacation homes you’ll find your perfect property in or just outside of Oranjestad.

The area of Noord and Palm Beach is known for being busy with tourists running in and out of the beaches and casinos near the waterfront. What this location has in business and novelty is matched by the extraordinary options of restaurants, tours, and entertainment you won’t find anywhere else on the island. Noord is a great neighborhood for people who want to buy vacation homes but still feel like they are on vacation, even if they live here half of the year.

There are many other neighborhoods in Aruba that you’ll have to explore if you want to buy a vacation home here!


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