Where To Get A Job At The Age Of 15

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I’m pretty sure many teenagers out there would like to get a job, to get a bit of spend money in their pocket. Not many know where to start, or what would be the best job for them.

So, if you want to know where to get a job at the age of 15, the following lines of this post will surely help. However, before I put in here a few job options for a 15 years old boy or girl, I’d like to put into view a few of the rules and restrictions that they and their employers have to obey to.

What Jobs You Can And Can’t Have

As a 15 years old, generally you can’t work as a heavy machinery operator, you can’t work in constructions, in industrial warehouses, driving cars or even be a driver’s helper. You can’t work as a public messenger, or have a job communications.

Although many teenagers under the age of 15 have in mind a fast food job as their first job, they won’t be able to fill in a position in the kitchen, as a cook or baker.

Officially, a 15 years old can have jobs in the food industry, retail or have various delivery jobs. In the food industry for example, if you’re 15 you can work as a dish washer, bagging goods, stacking and/or cleaning fruit, vegetables and other products on their shelves, and even as a cashier. Handling meat has some restrictions though, it’s prohibited to work with meat, especially if it involves any kind of freezer or meat cooling special equipment.

If you’re looking for a job in the transport industry, you’re either have to ride a bicycle or make deliveries using the public transportation.

There are many other jobs that you can have as a 15 years old, depending on the country you live in. For example, some states in the U.S., allow teenagers under the working age to occupy various low level positions in rest homes, hotels and motels, and even hospitals and banks. Also, there’s good money for a teenager taking care of various tasks for private home owners.

Working Hours For A 15 Years Old

Evidently, 15 years old youth can’t work during the school hours in a school day. After school, they can work for 3, up 5 hours. In weekends, holidays or summer vacations they can work for 8 hours, but not more.

Job Options For 15 Years Old Youth

1. In a McDonalds, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut or basically any other fast food restaurant, a teen can work as a dish washer, equipment cleaner (as long as the equipment is not operating, of course), waiting tables, or behind the counter.

2. If there’s a golf course in your area, you can have a job as a golf ball gatherer.

3. For private home owners you can also carry out various tasks and errands and be paid for it. For example, babysitting, lawn-mowing, trimming bushes, hedges, trees and other decorative plants, house cleaning, swimming pool cleaning, walking dogs, paying bills and even grocery shopping.

4. You can also work from home using a computer. There are many online jobs which require certain skills that you might have, and you’ll always find someone to pay you nice money for what you can do, if you know where to look. For example, creating videos using programs like Adobe Flash or After Effects, modifying photos in Photoshop, or you can write website content for various website owners. Although you probably can’t be the owner of a debit card and a bank account at the age of 15, you can be paid in your parents’ or guardian’s bank account.


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