White Water Rafting on Tara River – And Some Amazing Adventures That You Must Try

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When you decide to enjoy rafting on the river Tara, feel the wonders of intact nature and moments full of positive energy which you may remember for a very long time, the subsequent few lines will be able to help you organize this extraordinary event: what to see, what adventures not to miss as well as what things to bring with you, and at last how to arrive at the destination and organize transport.

Regardless the actual fact that river Tara runs through Montenegro in all its length, its capacities are exploited by organisations from the BiH, too. That’s why at the very start you’ll probably feel a double temptation regarding what country, and so which of the rafting camps to choose for your host.

The rafting season on the river Tara starts around April 15 and lasts till the tip of September. During that period (of about VI months) the inflaw of water in the Tara decreases considerably, that is directly connected to melting of the snow cover. If the winter has been harsh and snowy, you must expect white water rafting on the Tara to be even more exciting.

As for the best and exciting periods for rafting on the Tara I’d say they are: April and May. The joys on the Tara river in April is incomparably larger than the thrill within the rapids during any alternative rafting month within the year, but you have got to remember that the temperatures are much lower then as well, therefore we strongly suggest everybody to require some dl of excellent homamade plum brandy (‘rakija’) with them. It gets chilly in the evening, too, so, better garments and shoes can be desirable.

In July and August it is real paradise on the Tara river. By day the temperatures are often over thirty-five degrees Celsius, while the color of the river gets pure emerald shine. A camera is one thing you’d regret not to have in your hands while being in such an ambience. When the night falls, although it’s summertime, the location of the camp as well as the immediate vicinity of the river can affect the temperature. Fresh nights are perfect for sleeping, but to put it short: ‘It is never an excessive amount of clothes if you’re on rafting on the Tara.’

You would possibly want all sorts of stuff when on water: cigarettes, a lighter, camera, ‘rakija’, beer, a T-shirt… and a number of those things shouldn`t get wet. That’s why, before going on rafting, you must take a little higher quality nylon bag to keep your things from water, but still it is much better to have got a plastic barrel with a lid. Some guys came up with a nice plan and kept their cameras in plastic Chinese bowls for food. I am positive you know which ones I’m talking about? You’ll obtain them in sets from the biggest to the tiniest, they need lids, and they’re nice for Russian salad.

If you love nature and if you already find yourself in the national reserve Sutjeska, do not waste your time. Nature was generous when making mountain Zelengora. Organise mountain climbing and a tour to Trnovacko Lake, visit White and Black Lake. The same goes for Orlovacko, Borilovacko, Kotlarnicko, Stirijsko and Jugovo Lake-the only artificial one.

If you are on your way to Trnovacko Lake, do not forget to stop by Perucica to enjoy the view of the waterfall Skakavac. The tour through Perucica- the sole forest in Europe, is additionally 1 of the choices, and if you choose mountain climbing and hiking around the lakes or within the forest, adequate shoes and clothes are quite necessary. The route to Trnovacko Lake is rocky, thus, any lack of acceptable and quality footwear enhances the danger of getting injured or tripping and falling down. The risk of getting injured or falling down along the rocky path to Trnovacko Lake is huge if you don’t follow your guide`s directions or lack suitable equipment. The walking path through this distinctive region goes over terribly steep slopes and descents, which considerably slows down the pace, but increases tiredness. Before you get to be tired you ought to remember to pack a towel and your bathing suit which will be more than useful when you reach the lake, though their `big` weight on your back can surely get on your nerves. Before setting off an adventurer should fill their rucksack with a number of sandwiches, a bottle of water, bathing suit, towel, an additional T-shirt and a lot of sweets to eat in moments of exhaustion, hunger, but of enjoyment, too.

When in nature you definitely don’t need your cell, and what`s more, it is certain that over the most of the walking routes you may not be able to use them for the simple reason that there’s no network. There is network only at some spots.

Depending on the part of the year, it’s potential come across forest strawberries, cranberries or blueberries. These are just a few of the species. If you’re a nutritionist, completely different types of mushrooms can be possible to find, the same as numerous alternative fruits and vegetables. It should additionally be stressed that this region is rich in springs which in most cases abound in fresh drinking water.

As I’ve mentioned in the beginning, now you recognize what to expect while surrounded by natural beauties, and adventures waiting just for you. It’s up to you which trips to choose aside from river rafting trip on the Tara itself. There is one more thing I would really like to advise you on and that’s to take your passport and ID for crossing the borders. And as for the border crossings… it may be important to understand that during the tour to Trnovacko Lake, the walking route crosses the borderline between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Namely, though the lake is in Montenegro, the most passable paths lead through Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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