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Bristol offers not only great rates of pay for temporary workers but is also a great place to live because it is an eco friendly, up and coming, ever changing City consisting of the past and the future combined. It’s neither too big nor too small, it’s just right. It is a culturally diverse City, full of life and soul!

Bristol is a place for both work and leisure; it’s a City within the Country. It caters for all backgrounds and ages and has very good transport links making it quick and easy to get around. It is also home to some of the best schools and universities in England.

Temping in Bristol is generally aimed towards students and school leavers in order for them to ‘test the water’ before finding their vocation. There is a regular wage and often overtime options.

The average wage for temporary work in Bristol varies depending on the chosen sector. If seeking employment within sales the hourly rate is £7.50 per hour. The secretarial/administration field offers from £8.00 per hour or work in the construction field offers £21.00 per hour. Currently the sectors with the highest job opportunities are in sales, financial services and recruitment consultancies.

Bristol offers many means of finding temporary work through media advertising, government bodies, employment agencies and referral schemes. It’s not just private companies but large Bluechip public sector organisations as well as small family run businesses, which give candidates limitless opportunities.

Bristol boasts a beautiful picturesque Waterfront harbour with the SS Great Britain residing in the dry dock close by. It is full of history that to this day is still being created. It’s also known for its creative sectors, which can be seen within the types of employers and residents.

Enjoy harbour tours during your lunch break or a slap up meal on the waterfront. Alternatively there are plenty of excellent restaurants and established wine bars catering for all needs, young old and all in between.

Talented Bristol is known for characters such as the anonymous graffiti artist Banksy, Cary Grant the actor and lets not forget John Cabot – the Explorer who settled in the port of Bristol in 1490.



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